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The Book That the Banks

And Credit Card Processors

Don't Want You,

The Merchant, To Read!!




Never before has there been a tutorial guide for merchants on how to give a complete evaluation for determining if their credit card processing program is fair or not!


Now! For The First Time, There Is!


Are you a business owner? Do you accept credit cards for payment? Do you understand all of your fees that you pay each month?  Most business owners don't and are paying much higher fees than they should and also paying high "unneeded" fees that they are unaware of!


It does not matter if you own a restaurant, a retail store, E Commerce or if your business provides products or services to other businesses,  Merchant Processing 101 will help you determine if you are paying fees that you should not be paying or if you were set up or going to be set up on the correct processing program!


It does not matter if you own a single business or if you are a national concern with hundreds of locations, Merchant Processing 101 can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in fees saved.



Stop your credit card provider from taking advantage of you!



You will find that Merchant Processing 101 will have two important functions as you become completely educated and aware of this industry from a merchant's point of view;


1)   If you are planning to open a business, Merchant Processing 101 is going to eliminate any possibility of you paying "unneeded" fees or grossly inflated fees and to be set up correctly with what type of business you are opening.

2)    If you already have a business and are accepting credit cards for payment, Merchant Processing 101 will completely evaluate your present program and either correct or completely eliminate any "unneeded" or inflated fees that you have.


Merchant Processing 101 is going to upset many of you who thought that your program was fair.  This book will also upset many banks and processors that have taken advantage of business owners and have charged such high inflated and "unneeded" fees.


Why do the banks and processors choose to charge this way with such popularity of about 88% of the time?  You know the answer and that is,




Merchant Processing 101 is not only going to fully educate you on how not to be taken advantaged of with your processing provider but you will actually know much more than the person who had or is going to set you up with your program!  You are now the expert that will save you thousands!


Merchant Processing 101 will also show you;

  • How to completely evaluate your own merchant statement for hidden costs.

  • Receive a Merchant Questionnaire with 52 questions that must be answered by your provider for covering all the aspects and fees of your particular merchant program.

  • What fees that you should be paying and what fees that you should not be.

  • What type of systems that you should be on to eliminate many "enhanced" fees?

  • What fees are legitimate fees and what fees should completely be eliminated.

  • Within our "Merchant Beware" chapter, we completely explain beefed up fees that you should completely avoid and unneeded programs that only cost you money

  •  Fully explain how to process the ever growing debit card transaction correctly and what type of fees you should pay or not be paying.

  • Fully explain the only type of merchant program you should be on that fully protects you from unsubstantiated fee increases or greatly inflated processing fees .  This program should not only guarantee your merchant program in the present but also any future increases for profit!

  • What should be completely covered if you own a restaurant.

  • What should be completely covered if you own any type of retail establishment.

  • What should be completely covered if your business is providing goods or services to other businesses either internet, retail or card not present.

  • Chargebacks! What they are and how to avoid them.

  • Gift Cards! Is it right for your business to substantiate the cost?

  • The seven most important elements that you must cover to completely eliminate any "surprises" after the dotted line has been signed.

  •  "Contracts" What needs to be installed into contracts to protect yourself and not to be trapped with a bad credit card processor.


To review part of this book and to get to know the author, Robert Becker, click on the Introduction chapter below;




To review Mr. Becker's chapter on the subject of Contracts, click on the Contract Chapter below;




To review the chapter explaining what happens when a transaction is made, just click on;


 Credit Card Processing Explained



From the author, consultant and credit card processing provider, Robert Becker;


"Merchant Processing 101 is going to cause quite a stir in this industry of credit card processing.  But this stir is far overdue and will greatly help eliminate the dishonesty that has been going on with the merchants paying a high price for this practice.  With the knowledge that is given to you in this book, you will now have the piece of mind by separating those who want to take these unneeded profits to those who will treat you fair and with respect.  It's a good feeling to have a trustful business relationship with those who want you to be successful and show that, after the ink has dried, they are still there for you. I wish you, the merchant, success in your business.  You have either worked hard for it to be successful or have made the decision to become an entrepreneur.  With Merchant Processing 101, I hope that this will help fulfill your dreams and increase your bottom line".


GUARANTEE: If Merchant Processing 101 is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied within 60 days of purchase, then we will refund every penny of your money.  That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise!

                                 For immediate download and reading within just a few minutes,


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Merchant Processing 101

Copyright©2004 by Robert Becker 

revision 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011, 2013,2015,2017 

All rights reserved

Printed in the United States of America

No part of this book, MERCHANT PROCESSING 101,

May be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.