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J.J.R. New York;  Excellent book!  I am just wrapping up my analysis presentation and I can associate about 23K in savings to the direction your book gave.  If you are ever in New York City, stop by and I'll buy you lunch.  Thanks a lot!

T.G.  South Carolina;  Thanks for your time and your analysis Bob.  Very professional and understanding.  We will be coming aboard next month with our restaurants and look forward to a very long term business relationship.

R.W.  New York;  Very impressed with your information and how it has now educated my franchisees.  Last month we had a teleconference and we went over much of your information in your book.  Although we ran out of time, I have recommended to them to give you a call for your professional analysis and questions that they may have.  Also, new franchisees will be contacting you.  Again thanks,  

B.M. Massacusetts;  I wanted to let you know, Mr. Becker, that your book was very refreshing and informative.  I have owned a restaurant for over twenty years and now I understand how the credit card industry works and how they operate with us the business owners.  Your book is going to save me a lot of money especially as you have explained with the debit card chapter.  Thank you,

B.F.A. California;  Finally!  A book that really clears up with the questions I have always asked my processor.  Now I understand why!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Never will I be taken advantaged of again.

B.R. Nevada;  Great information, very informative, learned quite alot with how to understand my program.  Thanks for the tip with Amex and your Contract chapter is priceless.

D.A. Pennsylvania; Thanks for laying it on the line.  I knew that this industry was not treating us fairly.  Now I can deal with anyone of them and will demand a fair program.  You should sell your book for at least $1,000!

R.W. Florida; Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your book and it was quite hard to put down.  I thought that I had a good program for my five stores but now I see that I do not.  Boy, sometimes greed does take hold.  I applaud your honesty.

A.R. North Carolina; Your book is a necessary (necessity) for all business owners who accept credit cards Bob.  As you have said, we just don't have enough time to understand our charges or the statements but as part of our business we should.  You have shown that we need to do this or we will be taken advantaged of and pay these silly over-charged fees.  No wonder the statements are so hard to read.  

K.T. Texas; I was wishing when I purchased your book that it will open up all the confusion I had with all the charges I get with my furniture business and it has.  Great book, this will be on my desk and not in it.

W.E. Ohio; I have two hardware stores and know that I must take credit cards as part of this business but I always felt that the price to accept these cards seemed to be so high.  Your book showed me that it is true and, as you know, I am leaving my bank of nine years that should of guided me in the right directions. I thank you.

B.T. Pennsylvania; Your book is very good and wanted to tell you.  I will use your information wisely.

R.C. Michigan; I purchased your book about two months ago and have used your guidance to reduce my merchant program by over $3,000!  I left my credit card processor for I did not have the confidence with them anymore.  I have a seafood restaurant here and your chapter on restaurants and interchange plus have opened up my eyes.  I have recommended your book at my chamber of commerce and you probably saw these orders come in.  Much success to you, you deserve it.

C.P. Virginia; I never wrote a recommendation before but after I purchased your book I thought that it was very good and just wanted to tell you.  It's nice to read some down to earth writing that has no b.s. behind it.  This is going to help many retailers.

D.W. Florida; Bob, I beat (bet) you are upsetting many of your counterparts out there with this book!  But as you said, those who are upset are the dis-honest ones.  Keep up the good work.  I will be recommending your book to all who I know in my association.

T.C. Ohio; Your book is what I was looking to find for a very long time.  I got tired of asking many questions that were not answered about my fees and now I have them.  I will be contacting you in a few months when my contract is up and get rid of these people.

T.E. Utah; This email is to let you know that I am very happy with your book.  Although I have not used your questionnaire yet to ask my bank, I plan to and will let you know of the outcome. 

M.N. South Carolina; Hello Mr. Becker.  I want to tell you that I have used your book to save at least $1,500 off of my fees that I was paying with my bank.  They have told me that they didn't know of the double charges but I do not believe them.  Also I had them correct the contract for, you were right, it was not fair.  I am going to contact you in September.  Thanks for the best book I have ever read and used.

P. A. Illinois; Your book is invaluable Mr. Becker! It is a must read for anyone that accepts credit cards as part of their payment selection.  Thank you,

R.U. Wisconsin;  Your book is good.  If I treated my customers the way your industry treats us merchants, I would be out of business in a month! Thank you, Bob.

S.V. New York; Very good information.  I wish that I read this four years ago when we started up our family business. It is worth much, much more than the price.

E.B. New Jersey; I had to write to you to tell you that your book has straightened out my merchant program.  I didn't know about those enhanced fees being charged so much until you explained it to me and what they are.  There is no way I am staying with my credit card processor now.  This is not fair!  I have been with them for six years and feel that they owe me over $5,000!  Is this the way it is with everyone or am I an exception?  There's a lot of double talk in this business and it has to stop.  Thanks for a great book, you are an exception.

T.B.B. Georgia; I can see that your book is very thought out.  Your chapter on contracts is very good.  It is so common sense to have it that way that I cannot believe that I did not even consider it or even read it.  Excellent bob and thanks.