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Business Owner Survey

How would you rate overall your credit card processing provider from 1-10? Please explain.
1-10, for resolving issues or problems?
1-10, Visa/MasterCard ACH deposits into your account?
1-10, client services?
1-10, rates and fees?
1-10, understanding your merchant statement?
1-10, representative of processor
Do you fill that the representative fully explained your merchant program with all of its fees, rates and contract? Please explain.
Do you feel that you are receiving a fair and honest merchant program from your processor? Please explain.
What type of business do you have? Restaurant, retail, business to business, Ecommerce?
Would you like to have a no cost analysis of your present merchant program done to possibly reduce unneeded and unjustified fees being charged?
If yes, what is your business name?
Your name and title
City and State
Business phone number
Your email address *